Atrial fibrillation screening

A world-leading pharmaceutical company wanted our help curating best-in-class solutions for diagnosing atrial fibrillation in specific markets.

The Question:

“How do we improve diagnosis of atrial fibrillation globally to maximise our drug’s end-of-life sales?”

Eradigm supported with the design of new screening programs to increase the global diagnosis of atrial fibrillation. We needed to identify solutions appropriate to specific markets and their local realities, including, but not limited to, guidelines, competitors, affiliate internal capabilities, and budget. An integral part of this project was gaining local buy-in from affiliate teams to execute on these recommendations.

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Our Answer:

Eradigm evaluated previous disease-agnostic screening programmes to determine what had been most impactful across the markets of interest. We analysed the key drivers of each programme’s success, cross-referencing against atrial fibrillation settings to identify transferable strategies. To strengthen our recommendations, we surveyed affiliates and leveraged their responses to generate buy-in.

These insights informed the creation a global playbook of best-in-class market-specific diagnosis programmes. The playbook provided each market with a targeted recommendation of diagnosis strategies and programmes most suited to them. Working with Global, we designed a dashboard to track each affiliate’s progress with programme implementation.

It was essential to work closely and diplomatically with both Global and affiliates to achieve full alignment and buy-in. We took the time to understand the individual atrial fibrillation ‘ecosystems’ and hosted workshops between Global and each market. These workshops promoted a more positive working relationship, empowering affiliates and highlighting Global’s investment in their success.

The Impact:

By facilitating one-to-one engagement between Global and affiliates, Eradigm was able to unite the teams in their motivation towards a common goal. The collaborative environment fostered the co-creation of innovative strategies with cross-market implications. Moving forward, we are identifying the affiliates best suited to implement a global detection algorithm into their EHR system, which will proactively flag ‘at-risk’ patients for screening.

Victoria Blackbeard

“We needed to work closely with both Global and the affiliates to get full alignment and buy-in. To do this, we gave many high-profile presentations to create dialogue with affiliates, even beyond the initial country scope.”

Victoria Blackbeard