Working with a top-ten pharma company based in the US, Eradigm supported the development of a best-in-class patient service offering in immunology.

Immunology patient services CI

The Question:

How can we develop a best-in-class patient services offering to optimize our product launch in immunology?

Our client wanted to optimise the launch of a novel immunology product with a best-in-class patient service offering. We conducted a competitive benchmarking assessment of market-leading patient service offerings within immunology. Our recommendations helped shape our client’s non-clinical differentiation strategy within a crowded sector.

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Our Answer:

Eradigm harnessed a two-stage approach to this project. Firstly, we undertook a comparative multi-channel assessment of analogue products’ patient service offering across five key areas: free goods programmes, financial support, field teams, distribution network, and HUB services. Secondly, we communicated with patients, office staff, and company representatives to determine who was offering the best service and how it was being executed. This dual approach enabled us to go beyond the data points and provide deeper strategic insight based on human impact and implementation.

Rather than adopt a traditional competitor-only perspective, Eradigm considered a range of ‘end-user’ stakeholders. This ensured that our recommendations were not only in line with the client’s competitors, but also incorporated tactical elements specific to their product. Our approach established a strong foundation for the client to build their non-clinical differentiation strategy and make informed decisions about each patient service.

The Impact:

This project served as an initial scoping report for the implementation of a larger product launch strategy. Our findings will be pressure tested during further market research and will directly inform real-life patient services when the product is released. We are currently conducting a similar holistic assessment to support the launch of a first-in-class cardiovascular product, in which this project model will be replicated across four EU markets.

Javier Vega

This project allowed us to showcase our creative edge, using a non-traditional approach to CI that looked beyond the more obvious and well-trodden differentiators. Crucial to success was the high calibre and broad range of expert sources we were able to engage, giving us a 360-degree view of the customer experience to pinpoint novel tactics that would position our client as an innovator and leader.

Javier Vega

Senior Consultant