LCM Opportunity Assessment

“What is the opportunity and challenges to develop our late-stage clinical asset in rare disease and how can we best navigate a go-to-market strategy?”

Our client was a mid-sized pharma company specialising in nephrology and immunology, which wanted to develop a lifecycle management (LCM) strategy in Europe for a partnered asset that was in late clinical development for focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS).

The Approach

We developed a comprehensive opportunity assessment of potential LCM indications, with a focus on Alport Syndrome. This include a multi-stage approach to build up a full and dynamics picture of the disease landscape and scenario assessment with a cross-functional team.

We conducted an exhaustive secondary research landscape assessment across EU5, including epidemiology market sizing, patient journey mapping, current and future treatment landscape, and pricing and access landscape. This allowed us to define target product profiles (TPPs) for each potential LCM indication, and develop value driver and positioning hypotheses. This was complimented by target primary market research with KOLs.

We used this information to create indication ‘fact books’, detailing all relevant information for client stakeholders to build awareness and understanding. These formed the basis for scenario planning and developing a strategic action plan.

The Impact

The client was equipped with comprehensive foundational understanding of LCM indications and a prioritisation framework to inform LCM strategy, using both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Eradigm both enabled and facilitating cross-functional discussion and decision-making, resulting in a clear strategic action plan. Furthermore, we were able to connect cross-functional teams from two partner organisations, and facilitate closer working relationships and strategic partnership.

“When working with two partner organisations, it is critical to involve team equally and build advocacy on both sides of the conversation. In this instance, the working relationship between the two organisations was healthy, allowing us to play the role of informers and facilitators to define a clear roadmap forward.” Erin Johnston, Senior Consultant

Testimonial about LCM Opportunity Assessment