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Digital Innovation:

The umbrella term “Digital health” tries to capture the complexity and the diversity of a constantly and incredibly rapidly evolving technological landscape that is embracing and revolutionising healthcare. From the application of AI across the entire pharmaceutical value chain (think drug discovery, clinical trial accrual, analysis of RWE and many more!), to the development of apps for patient monitoring and the establishment of telemedicine platforms, Eradigm has been supporting our pharma partners to understand this industry-changing trend aiming to define the best strategies to adopt it and bring value to patients, physicians and payers.

Our specialist team has been applying the digital lens across therapeutic areas such as oncology, cardiovascular, rare disease, immunology, with capabilities including (but not limited to!):

  • Deep assessment of the digital therapeutic (DTx) landscape and analysis of big pharma development & acquisition strategy.
  • Global market considerations and design of customised go-to-market strategies for the implementation of healthcare machine learning detection algorithms.
  • Competitor benchmarking of integrated digital patient-facing platforms, and beyond-the pill offerings such as apps and portals, to highlight how pharma companies can achieve non-clinical differentiation through accompanying digital solutions

Case Studies


Circle Lead Bio: Ilaria Coppola

I am Ilaria, Consultant and one of Eradigm’s Digital Experts. Since my early days at Eradigm, I have been marrying my robust scientific background with an ever-growing business acumen in a diversity of projects that span from Competitive Intelligence to Commercial Strategy, always picking up on the growing importance of digitalisation as a key differentiating factor both at the TA- and cross-TA level. As a force that is undeniably taking the pharma world by storm, my time has focused on working with clients to learn how to speak about digitalisation in healthcare first, and on supporting them to understand where and how to apply it afterwards. Overseeing the Digital Health at Eradigm space enables me to hold a front-row seat and observe the making of healthcare 2.0.