World class insights from a curated network of global experts

Expert Network

Where projects require bespoke primary research to develop highly credible opinion around complex topics, Eradigm’s proprietary global expert network provides access to an extensive range of carefully vetted stakeholders covering the following areas:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Senior industry professionals and specialists who are and/or have been on the frontline of complex corporate strategy or innovative product launches.
  • Medical Community: Key Opinion Leaders including primary and secondary care specialists and healthcare providers who influence and shape every facet of medical care.
  • Payers, Regulators and Policymakers: Seasoned, pivotal decision makers and influencers who are and have been on the coal front of expanding the pharmaceutical industries reach.
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Rigour: Our network is thoroughly vetted but fast-growing. Custom recruitment of new stakeholders may be carried out to ensure the most reliable insights for each project.

Reach: Like our work, the Eradigm Expert Network is global (North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Emerging Markets) and covers the full spectrum of the life sciences industry (Pharma, Biotech, Med-tech, Investors).

Transparency: As a formal member of the Eradigm network, each expert signs up to strict compliance terms to ensure the highest possible legal and ethical standards.

If you have valuable expertise and would like to join the Eradigm Expert Network, please contact with your name, location, and experience to begin the selection process.