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A track record of outstanding program design and management built on extensive delivery experience across a very diverse client and project base.

Developing and executing on a clear compelling strategy at product, portfolio or franchise level requires clarity, consensus, and confidence. Delivering on each of these fronts requires the ability to acquire credible knowledge of the external environment then balancing it with long held internal belief systems and often tortuous decision-making and governance processes.

Our extensive experience in supporting strategic decision making stems from our broad and deep understanding of the key market shaping forces as well as decision making dynamics.

Delivering clarity through solid scoping, seasoned project staffing and structuring and targeted insight development.

Each one of our engagements starts with a pragmatic and comprehensive scoping exercise. This means connecting with leadership to ensure that we fully capture the strategic context, goals and associated assumptions in the hearts and minds of key stakeholders.

Whilst RFPs can provide initial direction, we will always dissect, challenge and where necessary build on initial project briefs to ensure that you and your organisation can get the greatest value out of our partnership.

Tailored and flexible staffing includes technical and process expertise

Having delivered dozens of complex projects at scale and often in high pressure timelines, we have built a project planning process which ensures that all critical components are holistically addressed and executed on. Every client team and company is different. Drawing from a broad experience base, we rapidly assess your requirements and tailor our support programs to optimise outcomes. Beyond flexibility in core project design, we adapt processes to reflect real-time challenges and opportunities. Each of our projects is staffed by a Partner, Principle and Engagement Manager bringing together the best combination of seasoned experience and seamless program management. By merging the capabilities of our team we can build the most comprehensive project plan and ensure compelling and professional communication of our recommendations to leadership teams, board members or investors.

Strategy grounded in Deep, Targeted Market Insight

Where testing internal assumptions about the external marketplace is at the heart of a project, our suite of research capabilities can meet your requirements across the external stakeholder spectrum: from payor panels, to advisory boards, primary research, market research and payor and prescriber surveys, we work with our network of external experts to ensure that strategic recommendations are built on a bedrock of deep market insight.

With an existing database consisting of globally recognised, handpicked experts from across healthcare, we have extensive long-established relationships with industry leaders and subject matter experts. Whilst these individuals form the foundation of many of our engagements, we also custom recruit additional experts to ensure we have exactly the right insight for the question at hand.

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