The demonstration of value and optimal access is the most fundamental challenge and opportunity for any brand irrespective of where it is in its life cycle. We support biopharmaceutical companies to optimize pricing and access for therapeutics by dovetailing these with overall commercialisation objectives, contextualised within market-specific evidence requirements, and alignment with payer goals.

Our expertise in pricing and access paired with a strategy consultant approach, allow us to help our clients navigate complex pricing and market access environments. Our deep market-specific insights help shape and refine pricing and access strategies and support their implementation in health technology evaluations. This mix of pricing and market access, and broader commercial expertise allows us to serve our clients’ market access, clinical, and commercial teams.

We work across all key major and emerging markets, providing bespoke support in pricing, value demonstration, evidence generation, and negotiations with payers.

Disease Burden & Unmet Need

Understanding clinical and economic unmet need in early clinical development is essential in order to optimise the pricing and access potential of the therapy in question. Targeted literature research combined with primary research with payers and HCPs informs our assessment of disease burden and clinical and economic unmet need.

Value Assessment & Pricing

Payer expert interviews are required for the value assessment of a therapy and associated pricing potential. We apply the value curve methodology for value assessment to our payer primary research. This approach is used to derive the relative value of the product. This is important as it allows identifying product attributes that are driving the value of the product, therefore, providing a clear indication of the areas in which to concentrate payer-related activities.

For pricing analysis, we use a combined Van Westendorp and Gabor Granger methodology adjusted for payers to determine reactions to given price ranges. While it is important to understand initial reactions (prohibitively expensive, expensive, etc.), it is at least as important to follow up with the linkage to the practical implications (i.e. explore access restrictions and price re-negotiation).

Value Proposition Development

A product should be supported by a concise, compelling, comprehensive value proposition whose communication is tailored to the interests and objectives of a variety of audiences and stakeholders. The value proposition needs to be internally consistent so subsets of it can be used across audiences without risk of contradiction. We leverage deep scientific expertise and an established expert network (payers and HCPs) to develop a compelling value proposition that can be tailored to audience and needs.

Country Prioritisation & Launch Sequencing

We use a framework of Commercial Attractiveness (economic indicators, addressable population, and pricing potential) and Effort Required for Commercialisation (regulatory and access needs and timelines and existing capabilities) to prioritise key countries for commercialisation. After identifying key countries for prioritisation we analyse the country level environment, including reimbursement and access timelines and the impact of international price referencing.

Market Access Landscape & Stakeholder Mapping

Market access landscape and stakeholder mapping identifies the key decision makers and influencers and prepares for country level reimbursement process and payer communication. It provides an overview of key decision making authorities and influencing bodies for pricing and reimbursement on national, regional, and local levels with a clear delineation of pricing, funding, reimbursement, and supply flow.

Country-HTA Support

We have established partners in 20+ major and emerging markets with decades of experience in supporting companies through country-level health technology assessments. This provides us unique access to in-depth knowledge of HTAs and established payer relationships to support biopharma in HTA process and pricing negotiations to achieve optimal price and access.

Access Evidence Planning & Trial Design

Designing pivotal trials, for first or follow-on indications, to meet payer requirements is critical for the commercial success of therapy in Europe and emerging markets. We  leverage our established payer expert and local partner network to gather insights on the proposed evidence package and recommend future evidence generation activities (e.g., follow-on trials, real world evidence) to further strengthen the evidence package.

Advisory Boards

Our established payer expert and HCP relationships enables us to gather the right stakeholders around a table (in person or virtually) to gather cross-stakeholder and geography insights to inform value proposition, pricing, and evidence planning & trial design.

Our experience is built on running hundreds of Market Access projects across diverse markets and therapeutic landscapes.

The Market Access Division is headed up by Dr. Prateet Minhas.

Dr. Prateet Minhas brings to Eradigm Consulting 15+ years of experience in treating and managing the care of patients. His consulting leadership experience in supporting biopharmaceutical clients to secure market access to therapies at the optimal price across Europe and emerging markets. As Head of Market Access, Europe and Emerging Markets; Dr. Minhas’s primary focus at Eradigm Consulting is to support biotech clients to secure access at an optimal price.

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