Aaron Sunil

Specialist Expertise: Customer Experience, Patient Services, Patient Journey Mapping, Digital Landscaping

Education: B.A. in Biology, with a minor in Neuroscience from Wake Forest University, M.S. in Clinical Research, with a focus in Translational Oncology from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

What is your focus at Eradigm?
Throughout my professional background, I’ve brought to the table simplified and impactful solutions to holistically address needs across Patient Services, Market Access, and Benchmarking teams/projects. My passion, drive, and perseverance have allowed me to engage in meaningful partnerships with client teams, define solutions, and achieve goals.

Who do you work with?
I’ve worked predominantly with domestic team leads and directors for patient services, market access, marketing, and analytics – that head top 10 biopharmaceutical companies. Through previous partnerships, I’ve assisted brands to create, implement, and optimize their customer experience strategies – for therapies/products in market and soon to launch.

What is your specialist expertise, and what types of projects do you work on?
I have both broad commercial experience and specialist expertise, including CAR-T therapies, customer experience, and market access projects. My extensive portfolio of projects includes domestic CAR-T patient journey mapping, recommending a buildout of specific patient support programs for a soon-to-launch drug, and conducting a wholescale review of a patient services team to identify areas of opportunity leading to the creation of a strategic roadmap.

What did you do before Eradigm?
Prior to Eradigm, I rose through the ranks at a boutique consulting firm in the greater NYC area. While there, my areas of focus were generally commercial market analysis, digital landscaping, recommending patient services solutions, and acting as a thought partner to Top-10 pharmaceutical brand team leads. Before consulting, I conducted research for the Mount Sinai BioDesign Team, helping to design and implement novel solutions for neurological and cardiovascular patient issues.

What are your passions outside of work?
For starters, I love listening to and discovering music! I try to listen to wide variety of genres, usually when doing some of my other hobbies, such as weight-lifting, playing basketball, or hiking. On the weekends, I can usually be found watching an Arsenal match with friends or reading on the Hudson.