Adam Mirza

Adam has previous experience in commercial evaluation of new research tools into different product pipelines. 

Adam also has industry experience in preclinical biodistribution studies for gene therapies. Here, Adam utilised his knowledge of viral behaviour to optimise GxP assays to best detect expression of introduced genes. Gene expression data was collected, analysed, and submitted as part of IND applications to regulatory bodies such as the FDA and MHRA.

Adam has a MSc from UCL in Genetics of Human Disease. His research involved investigating the behaviour of gene therapy vectors once exposed to the human genome (integrating and non-integrating viruses).

Prior to his MSc, Adam completed his BSc at Queen Mary University of London where his research focused on splicing variants of cancer-related genes in prostate cancer cells. 

Outside of work, Adam is a frequent gym-goer, runner, and indoor cyclist. He enjoys live R&B music, reading and watching the latest series/films.