Jada Mejia

Jada joined Eradigm in March 2022 as an Associate Consultant. She brings extensive pharmaceutical market research experience and a passion for global healthcare. In her previous role, she focused on primary and secondary quantitative research, designing surveys aimed at HCPs and consumers whilst also creating client deliverables that answer their main research objectives. 

Jada holds a Bsc. in Health Sciences with a specialisation in Policy, Management and Evaluation of Healthcare from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. During her Bsc. Jada did a 6-month exchange programme at McMaster University in Canada, where she further developed her global healthcare knowledge by undertaking several Canadian healthcare courses. Jada’s curiosity and passion to help improve healthcare systems led her to pursue an Msc. degree in Health Economics, Policy and Law at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. For her final research project Jada conducted a quantitative survey focussing on whether healthcare rationing occurs amongst GPs in Aruba. 

Being born and raised in Aruba before moving to the Netherlands at 18, Jada has been fortunate enough to explore a variety of different cultures and languages. Jada is fluent in Dutch, Papiamento and English, has intermediate level Spanish and is keen to learn British Sign Language. Prior to academia, Jada formed part of the Aruban Taekwondo National Team, competing in different national and international championships. Outside of work, Jada enjoys going to the gym, watching films, singing and hanging out with friends.