Jai Bhakta

Jai joined Eradigm in April 2022 as a Senior Associate Consultant. Jai found himself joining the Eradigm team with his goal of advancing transformative therapies and technologies to patients and stakeholders across the healthcare and life sciences industries. Jai’s experience harmonizes breakthrough academic and commercial knowledge working across different sectors within the life sciences and healthcare industries. His knowledge spans across a variety of therapeutic areas and has expertise in medical devices and diagnostics.

Jai holds a Bachelor of Science and Arts from the University of Texas, where he was given the opportunity as a Research Assistant at the UT Clinical Neuroendocrinology Laboratory, receiving authorship on a late breaking abstract titled “Basal Salivary Testosterone Predicts Trait Anxiety in Healthy Men and Women”. His curiosity for advancing breakthrough research led him to Claremont College’s Keck Graduate Institute, where he received his Master of Business and Science with a concentration in Medical Devices and Diagnostics. At his time at Keck Graduate Institute, Jai served as a Graduate Student Consultant in Product Development for Nanosens Innovations, where he engaged in creating robust product profiles for NanoSens’ graphene-based dCas9-functionalized biosensor. Prior to completing his studies, Jai interned on City of Hope’s Research Business Development team. His time at City of Hope exposed him to internal development efforts, creative due diligence, out-licensing strategy, competitive intelligence, valuation, and City of Hope’s internal venture panels.

Prior to his role at Eradigm, Jai conducted global competitive intelligence at Decisive, partnering with top 20 Big Pharma companies spanning across therapeutic areas such as Oncology, Dermatology, Women’s Health, and Rare Diseases. He provided expansive due diligence and primary research analysis to B-Suite and C-Suite level executive teams.

 In his free time Jai likes to spend time with family and friends, draw, paint, produce & listen to music, cook a variety of cuisines, weight-train, and watch basketball and football (NCAA and Professional).