Kelly Choong

Kelly joined Eradigm in June 2022 as an Associate Consultant, bringing to the team her experience in medical communications and scientific publishing, and her passion for advancing healthcare research. 

Kelly previously worked in medical communications as an Account Executive, where her role largely involved project and client management. She worked with pharmaceutical companies on a range of projects related to Medical Affairs, which were used to train field medical teams in the Respiratory and Infections department. Prior to this, Kelly worked at an open access scientific publisher as a Journal Launch Specialist. This role involved extensive liaison with academics and building editorial boards. As a result, she launched two new journals in Engineering and Health Sciences, and multiple sections within existing journals. 

Kelly completed both her BSc and MScR at Durham University in Biomedical Sciences. Her master’s thesis in Tissue Engineering was titled ‘Investigating the deposition of the extracellular matrix and bone tissue development in vitro using 2D and 3D cell culture methods’. The laboratory-based study investigated the use of a 3D scaffold to culture bone forming cells, in order to develop an in vitro bone tissue model which could then ultimately be used to model diseases such as osteoporosis. Kelly gained extensive experience in the lab, learning techniques such as mammalian cell culture, histology and stem cell differentiation.  

Outside of work, Kelly likes to cook and experiment with new recipes. She is always on the lookout for new restaurants to try and welcomes any recommendations. She enjoys exploring nature and watching sitcoms in her free time.