Laura (Zi Ran) Shen

Laura joined Eradigm in November 2021 as an Associate Consultant, bringing to the team her insatiable curiosity for drug biochemistry and strategic development. 

Laura’s previous experience includes competitive intelligence (CI) projects which span multiple disease areas such as psychiatry, neurology, rare diseases, gastroenterology, and haematology. Through analysing competitor clinical research strategies, changes to marketing strategies, and identifying unmet needs in disease spaces, she provided insightful updates and actionable suggestions which guided clients’ decision-making process across the entire drug lifecycle. Aside from CI, Laura also has extensive experience assisting with Market Access projects focusing on Europe, China, and Japan. 

Prior to her professional career, Laura completed a PhD in structural biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, where she investigated the structure and function of RNA-protein complexes through X-ray crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy. During her PhD, Laura identified a low-resolution map of the RNA binding protein Hfq bound to a small RNA, and key conserved RNA-binding amino acids in KH-domains, an ancient RNA binding domain found in ribosomes and RNA degradation complexes which is implicated in fragile X syndrome. 

Outside of work, Laura loves reading, writing, watching films, and hiking. She enjoys taking long walks to crystallize the myriad of ideas floating in her head and putting a segment of those thoughts down on paper. Her passion for the life sciences is reflected in her written work, where she attempts to synthesize advances in scientific understanding with the current cultural landscape. She believes that life sciences consulting will allow her to not only discuss these ideas, but also implement them to drive effective change.