Michelle Saylor

Focus Therapy Area: Oncology, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Ophthalmology

Specialist Expertise: Diagnostics, Precision Medicine, Coverage and Reimbursement  

Education: Bachelor of Science from Brandeis University, with a concentration in Biology

What is your focus at Eradigm: My focus area at Eradigm is primarily market access which consists of elements that include commercial strategy and competitor and historic analysis. I work with a variety of stakeholders, industry giants to start-ups, that span across therapeutic areas.

What is your specialist expertise and what types of projects do you work on? I have both breadth and depth experience in multiple therapeutic areas that span from orphan drugs and rare diseases to more common spaces such as cancers and cardiovascular events. I assess market readiness through extensive research and perform additional analyses based on pricing, current coverage landscapes and competitive intelligence. Regardless of business questions or disease space, I always aim to deliver high-quality and solution-oriented work.

What did you do before Eradigm? Prior to Eradigm, I worked for a boutique healthcare consulting firm in Boston, MA. There, my focus was primarily commercial strategy, market access, and pricing and reimbursement.

What are your passions outside of work? I love all things having to do with food: cooking, eating, tasting, and enjoying meals with friends and family. I travel quite a bit and am working my way down my ever-expanding list of places to see. When I’m not travelling or munching, I like to read, watch documentaries, and play with my dogs.