Priyanka Jagadeesan

Priyanka joined Eradigm in March 2022 as an Associate Consultant, bringing to the team her experience in neuroscience research with a deep-seated passion to tackle neurodegenerative disorders and improve global healthcare equity.

She holds a BA in Psychology with minors in Biology and Public Health from Boston University, where she developed interest in neuroscience and public healthcare systems. Priyanka went on to conduct secondary research as a Corporate Finance intern at Deloitte where she engaged in target searches and data analysis for potential Mergers & Acquisition in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries amongst other sectors. Upon completing her bachelors, she conducted research at Alzheimer’s Light LLC wherein she developed the study protocol to utilize and evaluate use of a novel, online neuropsychological assessment tool in geriatric populations to screen for Alzheimer’s and Mild Cognitive Impairment.

Her continued interest in translational research within healthcare led her to Imperial College London where she completed her MSc in Translational Neuroscience. During her masters thesis at Imperial, Priyanka worked with a team of neuroscientists and engineers to conduct pilot studies on healthy volunteers to employ, evaluate and optimize a novel brain stimulation therapy, which was funded by the UK Dementia Research Institute.

During her studies, Priyanka volunteered at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital for 2 years. She streamlined operations by handling medical records and transporting lab specimens to help patients. Priyanka also interned at JVSMasshire Career Centre to empower those with previous incarcerations or opioid addictions to gain employment. Lastly, she had the opportunity to volunteer in Cambodia to teach and engage with children in a low-resource setting. These cumulative experiences continue to inspire her to work in evidence-based research and create a positive impact in the global healthcare landscape.

In her free time, Priyanka can be found playing billiards, petting dogs, eating delicious food and planning her next nature escapade.