Roswitha Hoedl-Ott

Roswitha is bringing 20 years of experience in market access consulting, supporting small to large-
scale biopharmaceutical companies to determine optimal market access, reimbursement, and pricing
strategies for their products, covering a range of technologies including orphan drugs, ATMPs, and
While her focus is on EU4 and UK, her expertise spans 50+ countries (Europe, the US, Japan, Canada,
Australia, and emerging markets). Having worked on 300+ projects and conducting 1,000+ payer
interviews, she brings a considerable understanding of the pricing and market access landscape and
the challenges clients are facing in this area. 
Prior to joining Eradigm, Roswitha worked in the market access group at Syneos Health, where she
managed a number of different projects, including qualitative and semi-quantitative payer research,
TPP testing, PVP testing and optimization, landscape assessment, and stakeholder mapping.
Before Syneos Health, she gained market access experience at Kantar Health and Total Healthcare
Solutions. Roswitha has an MSc in Human Nutrition from the University of Vienna, Austria. And, in
her free time, she likes walks in the countryside with her dog, trying to keep fit in the gym, reading,
and singing in a choir