Stefan Focsa

Focus Therapy Areas

Immunology, Oncology, Neuroscience, Ophthalmology, Vaccines & Rare diseases

Specialist Expertise

Market Access, Pricing Strategies, Brand Strategy Development, Lifecycle Management, Evidence Generation Planning, Capability Building Training, Environmental Shaping, Companion Diagnostic Strategies, Commercial Due Diligence & Digital Health 


MEng Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London

What is your focus at Eradigm? 

My primary focus is to be a strategic thought partner for clients to ensure they have the trust, confidence, and clarity to execute on project recommendations. During projects, I work closely with the consulting team to provide strategic guidance & expertise to maximise the value of our engagements.

Who do you work with?

I work with a broad range of Global & Regional clients; these can include Market Access & Commercial senior leadership positions within large pharmaceutical organisations as well as C-level executives in smaller biotech companies. Depending on the nature of the project, extended client teams can include representation from different markets as well as multiple functions.

What is your specialist expertise, and what types of projects do you work on?

I have broad expertise in Global Market Access strategy development and working with cross-functional and affiliate teams to ensure launch excellence. Key project areas include development of value communication deliverables, pricing strategies, contracting frameworks, negotiation toolkits and capability building training. In addition, I also have strong expertise in Commercial projects including Brand Strategy development, Go-to-Market models, Business Units design & Due Diligence projects.

What did you do before Eradigm? 

Prior to Eradigm, I have spent over 10 years working at various strategic consulting firms in the UK and Switzerland focused on the life science industry supporting >150 Market Access, Commercial & Medical projects

What are your passions outside of work? Outside of work, I try to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible through various hobbies and social sport events (running, tennis, triathlons). Skiing is my main passion in the winter and I’m always checking the weather for the next big snowfall. At home I enjoy trying to take my cooking skills to the next level and learning new recipes.