Xavi Beltri

Focus Therapy Areas

Immunology, Oncology, Palliative care, Neuroscience, Cardiovascular, Endocrinology, Vaccines & Rare diseases.

Specialist Expertise

Market Access, Pricing Strategies, Brand Strategies, Lifecycle Management, Go to market strategies, Product launch, Commercial Due Diligence, Forecasting, Sales force optimization, Omni channel strategies & Digital Health.


MEng Industrial Engineering, Polytechnic University of Catalonia UPC|ETSEIB

What is your focus at Eradigm? 

My primary focus lies in offering strategic guidance to our clients, encompassing a wide array of methodologies and extensive expertise in the realm of Life Science strategy consulting. I am entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring impeccable deliverables and unwavering client satisfaction, consistently upholding the utmost standards and best practices prevalent in our industry.

Who do you work with?

At Eradigm, our clients include global heads of market access, brand leads, medical directors, and marketing executives from the top 10 pharmaceutical companies worldwide. We also specialize in providing services to distinguished Bio-Tech organizations, catering specifically to their unique needs. Our expertise and specialized services focus on enhancing their value proposition and strengthening their overall corporate strategy.

What is your specialist expertise, and what types of projects do you work on?

I possess a wide-ranging expertise in the development of impactful commercial strategies for the successful launch of new products globally. Moreover, as an integral component of therapeutic area strategies, my focus lies in conceptualizing novel omnichannel strategies across multiple brands. These strategies aim to create meticulously tailored customer engagement journeys on a country-specific basis, effectively addressing the unique needs and demands of each market.

What did you do before Eradigm? 

Prior to joining Eradigm, I had the opportunity to work at renowned global strategy consulting firms. In those roles, I was responsible for developing strategies for leading pharmaceutical clients worldwide, including the top 5 industry players. Over the course of my career, I have successfully delivered more than 100 projects covering diverse areas such as commercial strategy, market access, omnichannel, and Digital Health.

What are your passions outside of work? 

I absolutely love exploring different cultures and trying out delicious foods from around the world. Spending quality time with my close friends and loved ones around a table brings me immense joy. Additionally, I have a strong passion for activities like swimming, kayaking, and using my bicycle as my primary way of getting around the city every day.