Get INFORMED: understand the fundamentals of the Life Sciences and Consulting industries, to obtain core skills and help decide if this is the right career path for you

 Get INSIGHTS: deepen your consulting know-how, and strengthen your grasp of major ongoing pharma trends, to know where to focus your time and efforts to enter consulting

 Get KNOWHOW: refine and broaden your existing skillset by challenging your assumptions and practicing your skills in a dynamic environment, to propel your existing career forward

Course Rationale and Overview

The Pharma Consulting Skills Masterclass is an immersive 2-day program designed to equip participants with:

  • An understanding of what life sciences strategy consultants do, how we add value to our clients across the Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Medtech (Devices and Diagnostics) sectors, and how to confidently enter into this dynamic space
  • Invaluable hands-on experience and coaching by seasoned consultants while working through actual client questions and presenting to senior management
  • An invaluable networking opportunity with the Eradigm faculty as well as the aspiring next-generation of movers and shakers within the space

Designed and led by Eradigm’s founding partner, Patrick Romano, and facilitated by Consultants Javier Vega and Victoria Blackbeard, the course is organised into three main taught and interactive modules:  

  • Uncovering and understanding the shifting Pharma Landscape – What are the megatrends affecting this space? Who are the key players and what are their interests? What business models exist and how are these built to create lasting value?
  • Expanding horizons and unlocking growth – How and where do different consulting firms work with pharma companies to identify and exploit pockets of value? How do consultants partner with clients to drive strategy? What key opportunities/threats are consultant’s tasked with uncovering?
  • Practice makes perfect – How do consultants dissect high-level strategic problems into its core constituents? What behavioural and technical competencies are required to succeed? How do consultant conduct research and analysis to work smart – not long? How do consultants transform a presentation into a memorable story and deliver it with impact?

Day 1: Demystifying Life Sciences Strategy Consulting through taught and interactive sessions

Part 1: Strategy in Pharma

  • Healthcare Industry: megatrends impacting the space today and tomorrow
  • The Pharma Company: diverse business models to tap into discrete value verticals
  • Leveraging Opportunities – Mitigating threats: a fly on the wall in pharma’s strategic control room

Part 2: Critical Consulting Skills

  • The Consulting Supply Chain – delivering end to end value
  • Research and Analysis Skills – the fundamentals
  • Delivering with Impact – mastering high impact story lining

Day 2: Immersive learning by working through real client questions

  • You will be assigned a team and client question from the Eradigm portfolio relating to either product entry, product lifecycle management, portfolio (above-brand) strategy or corporate strategy
  • You will have a set amount of time to develop the best strategy to answer the case study with one-on-one coaching from seasoned consultants to simulate the reality of working in life sciences strategy consulting
  • Through a Dragon’s Den approach, the best presentations from each group will go through to a ‘finals’ round to be assessed by senior management and their peers alike


‘’This masterclass was priceless. No other firm nor course is akin to this and I hope that by continuing this Eradigm will lead a legacy to inspiring more people to go into consulting and gaining a reputation”

”I feel I gained a more practical understanding of what a consultant actually does. I really appreciated how open and sincere the Eradigm team was in sharing their personal/consulting experience.”

”The overall experience was amazing. It really helped me to understand more about what consulting is, the different types of consulting and what Eradigm focuses on.”

Eligibility & Pricing

The virtual nature of the September 2020 event allows us to make the course open to anyone with a demonstrated interest in the life sciences pharma consulting. However, to ensure all participants benefit from sufficient individualised attention, places will be limited and decided on a first come, first serve basis.

Adaptability and flexibility are core consulting skills and we appreciate that different individuals have different needs depending on where they are in their consulting journey. As such, if you cannot commit to the full two days, select Option 1 to still benefit from invaluable taught content, or if you attended the February 2020 course and would like additional case study practice, select Option 3.

Option 1 –  Full 2-day package: £120+VAT

Option 2 – First day only: £50+VAT

Option 3 – Second day only: £70+VAT (must have attended Day 1 in Feb 2020)