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Life Science Consulting Jobs

Life science consulting jobs are about being at the forefront of problem-solving and challenge resolution. About creating impact and value for clients, and delivering unique insights as trusted advisors.

If you’re considering a life sciences career, or want to work in the pharma industry, then consulting could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. And at Eradigm, we’re all about shifting the narrative of what consulting looks like in the modern world.

Whether you’ve worked in consulting previously, or are in the process of completing your studies and have never before considered consulting as a next step, Eradigm can help.

Find out more about why you should join Eradigm and the values we stand for as a business.

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Roles at Eradigm

We are recruiting at all levels, all year round - which means the best time to apply is now.

We hire for roles at different levels of experience and expertise. These start with associate consultants, the foundations of consulting, right through to senior consultants, who help us to strategically develop the business. This means that we have roles available for undergraduate and masters students, PhD students, post-docs, and even more experienced candidates.

Our leadership top priority at Eradigm is creating an inclusive culture where people and business thrive concurrently. For recruitment enquiries, please submit your application below.