ASCVD Opportunity Mapping

“What specific patient populations within the broader ASCVD market shall we target with our novel plaque-regression therapy, and how should we generate the necessary evidence to give prescribers confidence?”

Our client was a clinical-stage US stealth biotech developing a new modality with broad therapeutic potential. We worked directly with the VP Business Development and SVP Finance to design a project which could address diverse tactical and strategic questions, including modelling and prioritising key patient populations, developing scientific messaging, and informing clinical trial design.

The Approach

We built a foundational knowledge base within ASCVD for our client, including developing a comprehensive competitive landscape, epidemiology modelling of patient populations up to 2030, assessment of diagnostic landscape, and development of key intelligence questions to inform further research.

We used further primary market research with leading cardiologists across the US and Europe to inform, validate and refine our understanding of the market and strategic scenarios for our client. This work culminated in a series of working sessions with a cross-functional client team to align on the final strategic action plan with representatives from Medical, Clinical, Finance and Operations.

The Impact

Our work provided our client strategic roadmap and foundational knowledge references covering multiple dimensions of the ASCVD market and strategic scenarios, with a prioritisation of post-ACS populations to tactically inform scientific messaging and clinical trial design. This help us provided the team and their investors with a common language and understanding of an extremely complicated market.

“ASCVD is a complicated disease landscape, with many different ways to segment the patient population based on risk factors, treatment and patient history. Developing a precision cardiology strategy for this novel drug relied on us scrutinising exactly how physicians make treatment decisions and the subtle influences that can make or break a product launch in cardiology.” Brynna Hoggard, Senior Consultant

Testimonial about ASCVD Opportunity Mapping