Deep Knowledge in Critical Therapeutic Areas and Emerging Trends

Experts Circles

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The Expert Circles are a platform for translating Eradigm’s subject matter expertise in key areas of burgeoning growth in our industry, into insight and impact

We have identified six priority areas which represent future themes of uncertainty and potential for our clients. Our Expert Circles are formed of SMEs who continuously monitor trends, work with clients to support strategic decision-making, and generate insightful and opinionated thought leadership.

The selected therapeutic areas see continued cross-industry investment and interest and demonstrate obvious long-term potential: Oncology & Haematology, Rare Diseases & Cell and Gene Therapy, and Neuroscience & Immunology.

The emerging trends are still relatively underdeveloped or widely appreciated, yet have gained traction as crucial macrotrends that could transform the traditional delivery of healthcare: Beyond the Pill Services, Digital Innovation, China

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Therapeutic Areas

Rare Diseases, Cell & Gene Therapy

Circle Lead Bio: Nathanael Green

Despite their low prevalence, rare diseases have a significant impact on public health, affected patients and their families. However, despite important incentives to…
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Neuroscience & Immunology

Circle Lead Bio: Laura Haden-Smith

Neuroscience and Immunology represent two opposite ends of the pharma lifecycle spectrum, where these markets are respectively traditionally high failure in early clinical…
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Oncology & Haematology

Circle Lead Bio: Antoine Coume

Arguably one of the most discussed fields in our industry, Oncology & Hematology are certainly not short of surprises. The past few years…
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Emerging Trends

Beyond the Pill

Circle Lead Bio: Gala Farooq

Gala Farooq The growing prevalence of chronic conditions and focus on value-based, patient-centric healthcare have intensified the need to provide beyond-the-pill services that…
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Digital Innovation

Circle Lead Bio: Ilaria Coppola

The umbrella term “Digital health” tries to capture the complexity and the diversity of a constantly and incredibly rapidly evolving technological landscape that…
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Circle Lead Bio: Allison Hills

China’s pharmaceutical market has grown substantially in recent years, from a valuation of $123.7bn in 2016, to an expected colossal $573.5bn by 2022.…
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