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What Does a Consultant Do?

Using their expert knowledge and experience, our consultants bring clarity, order, insight, and value to diverse strategic challenges for brokers and leaders within the life sciences sector – from biotechnology to pharmaceuticals.

The day-to-day activities for this role go far beyond project work, also including business development, engagement, and a range of internal initiatives. To find out more about what our consultants do each day, we’ve separated out their responsibilities by the four seniority levels we have here at Eradigm.

Associate Consultant

Our associate consultants get involved with conducting primary and secondary research and analysis, designed to support the construction of various deliverables across the projects being worked on. These deliverables can differ by project, from reports for alerts and earnings calls, to decks for conferences or executive summaries.

They also attend internal and external meetings, such as kick-offs and check-ins with clients, to ensure that work is on track.

Senior Associate Consultants

For senior associate consultants, this is supplemented with looking at balancing team growth and building up project client relationships, scoping out potential new business development opportunities or probing for new project opportunities. They also work to manage client expectations and make sure the deliverables being provided are addressing their needs.

This is as well as mentoring project teams, and developing knowledge-base materials that can be externally shared to showcase expertise.


They're responsible for ensuring the quality and efficiency of project delivery through relationships with the client, project manager and delivery team, to ensure the best possible client experience. They can also be involved in case study evaluation and video call interviews, to identify and hire talent, as well as driving external marketing, knowledge sharing or internal process improvement.

Senior Consultants

A senior consultant's day largely revolves around managing above-project client relationships and bringing in new work through business development activities. This can include talking to existing and prospective clients about potential new project opportunities and discussing plans to propose new projects. They're also required to discuss strategies to expand business with key pharma clients.

As well as this, they will need to conduct line management duties - such as discussing wellbeing, current work status (challenges/opportunities), feedback, and development points.

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