ASCVD Co-positioning Strategies

“With multiple products on-market and in our pipeline for ASCVD, how we can best predict and prepare for competitive pressure and co-position our assets?”

Our client, a top-10 global biopharmaceutical company, sought to better simulate competitor activities to unify teams across multiple products in ASCVD. Working directly with the Executive Director of Global Commercial and Value Creation, our aim was to develop strong and differentiating ASCVD strategies to distinguish and defend in light of emerging market and competitive pressures. This portfolio-level ‘co-positioned’ approach will align strategic imperatives across teams and build confidence in challenging new competitors.

The Approach

To unify the different global brands team, Eradigm designed and delivered a series of competitor simulation workshops to build common understanding on current and future strategies of key competitors in ASCVD.

This analysis included anticipating likely competitor reactions to upcoming market scenarios, against, contemplate broader themes and long-term market dynamics, and mapping out key competitors’ points of differentiation and intentions.

These workshops were informed by targeted secondary and primary research to inform our participants of the full current market and competitive landscape over the coming 5-10 years. To gather input and build buy-in, we also held separate discussions with individual brand teams to collate their current perspectives and strategic thinking.

The Impact

Working with multiple global brands teams, we were able to bring over 30 senior stakeholders together to co-develop tailored market, stakeholder and competitor scenarios representing the perceived strategic futures for our client. We developed a strategic scenario framework and action plan to inform near, mid and long-term portfolio strategies in ASCVD. We were able to pivot the objectives and timelines mid-project to better respond to competitor events in the market and changing stakeholder needs.

“This was a large and complex project which required us to adapt as new competitor development took place and unite global brand teams with different agendas. The key success of this project was due to dedicated and senior project management, working hand-in-hand with our client to help them to have the internal influence and impact they required” Allison Hills, Manager

Testimonial about ASCVD Co-positioning Strategies