LCM Opportunity Assessment

“How should we develop a robust scientific platform and accompanying evidence-generation plan to help shape a favourable landscape for the adoption of next-generation Lp(a) lowering therapies?”

Our client, a top 10 biopharma with a world-leading portfolio in ASCVD, required our support to inform global medical communications around a novel asset in late stage development. This required a comprehensive landscape of ASCVD treatment and available scientific evidence, assessment of evidence gaps and co-creation of actionable strategies with our client and KOLs.

The Approach

Eradigm conducted a multi-phase approach to build a robust and structured scientific platofmr and evidence generation plan before testing it with KOLs via an advisory board.

We conducted a comprehensive and systemic literature search of the ASCVD treatment landscape and scientific evidence on Lp(a) lowering in ASCVD. We combined this external assessment with client materials to develop an initial scientific platform architecture.

We then designed and facilitated a series of functional and cross-functional working sessions with client teams to put the draft scientific platform through multiple rounds of iteration. Further primary market research with KOLs in the US and Europe was also conducted to test and validate the evidence platform externally.

The impact:

This work culminated in a KOL advisory board at a major cardiology conference to help test claims and prioritise evidence gaps for further scientific and clinical investigation. Due to a thoroughly-researched, structured and co-creative process, we were able to gain input and align across diverse teams in Global and US including Commercial, Medical and Market Access.

Our primary client, a senior commercial leader, was extremely happy with both the content and process of the project and our ability to pivot the outputs as new evidence was released. The final evidence generation plan and communication plan was then rolled out to participating client teams at different levels of the organisation to ensure action and accountability.

“The extremely technical and scientific nature of this work required us to become world-leading experts in this section of the ASCVD market. We were able to act as peers and thought-partners to our clients through living and breathing the science, whilst providing effective project management to keep multiple workstreams moving forward.” Allison Hills, Manager

Testimonial about ASCVD Scientific Platform