Cell & Gene Therapy in Japan

“What are the repricing risks our competitors in cell and gene therapy may face over the next 10 years in Japan and how will this impact our own pricing potential?”

With their CGT asset already launched on the Japanese market, the client was assessing potential repricing risks their asset as well as competitors’ may face over the next 10 years. The aim was to investigate how the evolving Japanese P&R landscape could impact the pricing potential of these assets in order to inform the client’s overall global market access strategy. To achieve this objective, the client required strategic support from Eradigm to assess the P&R landscape in Japan, conducting targeted primary research to understand how new and future policy changes could lead to repricing.

The Approach

Eradigm Consulting evaluated the pricing and repricing rules in Japan to create a risk assessment for CGT assets entering the market. We developed a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics and the unique CGT supply environment to contextualise the assets’ potential uptake and pricing. Assimilating insights from both Japan KOLs and payer interviews, we created a framework to understand not only which repricing risks were most significant but when these would occur. Conducting a working session with client stakeholders from both the global and Japan affiliate enabled holistic assessment of repricing risk to determine how these should inform the global launch strategy of the asset.

The Impact:

Although Japan is considered a high price potential market for innovative medicines such as CGT, untangling the complex pricing rules that are continuously evolving, gave our client the necessary insights to further align on how the market fit within their overall global strategy. Working with both the global and affiliate teams facilitated mutual stakeholder buy-in on Japan’s pricing potential for cell and gene therapies looking forward over the next 10 years.

Testimonial about Cell & Gene Therapy in Japan