Competitor Launch Scenarios across EU Markets

“What is the competitors’ pricing and launch sequencing strategies for cell & gene therapies and other novel modalities in Europe—where and when will they be launching, and how will this impact our own strategies?”

The client was launching a cell & gene therapy in key European markets. The aim was to understand where and when competitor CGTs and other novel modalities would launch in order to inform the client’s own launch sequencing and P&R strategies in Europe and beyond. This was to ensure optimal positioning, pricing, and access, as well as maximise adoption and uptake relative to the competition. To achieve this objective, they required strategic support from Eradigm Consulting to assess the P&R landscape for competitor products in comparison to their own asset and conduct payer research to understand pricing potential and influence of novel modalities.

The Approach

Eradigm evaluated competitor P&R activities across more than 10 markets in the EU, consolidating this information with the client’s internal assumptions. We developed a rich understanding of each market to contextualise competitor developments and propose the most likely launch sequence and prioritization for the competitor products. Having worked with the client for several years prior to launch, our established partnership allowed for the competitor assessment to have direct implications for the client’s strategy in real-time.

We were able to apply a unique research-backed framework, which layered P&R process dynamics, market-specific pricing potential, and the supply constrained environment of CGT, to understand the most likely launch sequencing scenarios of the competitor products. Conducting payer interviews allowed for high-level understanding of the pricing potential of both the competitor and client assets in conjunction with an overview of the evolving CGT and novel modality P&R landscape in the indication. Working closely with multiple client stakeholders, we facilitated workshops of these scenarios to determine the key impacts the competitors’ launch sequence would have on our client’s own global strategy.

 The Impact

The insights around launch scenarios delivered to the client informed various internal assumptions and support HTA and pricing strategy. Having an aligned view on the competitor’s likely launch sequence and timelines in each EU market also informed market affiliate positioning in their ongoing and future P&R negotiations. This has given us an up-to-date understanding of CGT market access and the emerging dynamics that will drive the success of high-cost cell and gene therapies over the coming decade in EU markets.

“The Eradigm team was very flexible and responsive. They were great at delivering, within a record timeframe, a very articulated research in the context of a complex and ever changing therapeutic area!” Strategic Market Access Director, Top 10 Pharma Co

Testimonial about Competitor Launch Scenarios across EU Markets