Country Prioritization & Launch Sequencing

“What is the optimal country prioritization and launch sequencing for a CNS asset to support ex-US commercialization deals?”

The client was looking to optimize their deal-making strategy and launch sequencing for their asset focused on Schizophrenia and dementia associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The aim was to support the discussion with the Board of the Company by leveraging Eradigm’s Market Access expertise and our deep understanding of regulatory and reimbursement processes.

The Approach

Eradigm used a framework of Commercial Attractiveness (economic indicators, addressable population, pricing potential and analog analysis) and Effort Required for Commercialisation (regulatory and access needs and timelines and existing capabilities) to develop a dynamic Country Prioritization Model. Across multiple working sessions with key stakeholders, the prioritization of each criterion was determined, and the outputs were discussed to ensure alignment and buy-in across the team.

After identifying key countries for prioritization, Eradigm analyzed the country-level environment, including reimbursement and access timelines and the impact of international price referencing. The final output was an assessment of 50+ countries (including LATAM, Europe and Asia) with detail on country-specific nuances and considerations which were used to develop a Country Attractiveness Matrix.

The Impact:

Using the Country Prioritization Model and analysis prepared by Eradigm, the client was successfully able to provide insights to the Board of the Company on the optimal deals and launch sequencing of key markets for prioritization, which supported decision-making during commercialization discussions. The nature of the model allowed for ongoing manipulation, which enabled flexibility in its use during the process of getting drug X through to market access. Our support provided the client with a clear rationale for each suggestion, enabling buy-in across stakeholders.

“It was very interesting being involved in conversations with our client and cross-functional stakeholders when discussing the launch sequencing strategy for drug X. The country prioritization model we developed was robust and provided our client with the methodology and research to strategically prioritize countries for launch and enable the Board of the Company to explore further M&A deals to support in commercialization.“ Aalia Jawad, Associate Consultant

Testimonial about Country Prioritization & Launch Sequencing