ASCVD Co-positioning Strategies

“What can we learn about competitor messaging and positioning within Factor XIa inhibitors, and how should we adapt our target product profile (TPP) to win?”

Our client was the Competitive Intelligence and Commercial Strategy teams of a global top-20 biopharma with a Factor XIa inhibitor in development as an anti-thrombotic. To inform late stage development and messaging, our client required a tactical and strategic assessment of direct competitors in the space.  

The Approach

We initially collated on publically available information on competitor Factor XIa messaging, pulling from diverse channels of communication including press releases, conference presence, brand websites, investor relations, social media and other media. This allowed us to construct a profile of messaging across different stakeholder groups such as HCPs, payers and investors, and understand how messaging differed per stakeholder.

Through critical analysis of this content, the Eradigm team developed a competitor messaging compendium detailing competitor archetypes, messaging strategies, perceived impact and credibility scoring, and key competitive messaging points for our client. This enable us to working alongside our client to draft potential TPPs to inform late stage clinical development.

The impact:

Through a co-creative process involving client teams from Commercial and Competitive Intelligence, we were able to create broad awareness and understanding of the messaging strategies of direct competitors. Furthermore, we were able to connect our client team with their partner organisation, knitting closer workshop relationships. Our primary client being the Competitive Intelligence team, this workstream helped elevate their position and reputation as a strategic partner to the Commercial teams.

“This project highlights the active role that Competitive Intelligence teams can (and should) play on the internal thinking and discussion around commercial strategy. Not only can they inform discussions, but also facilitate strong working relationships and challenge internal thinking to be more mindful of the competitive realities. In our role as Eradigm, it is immensely satisfying to add value in the project process as much as the deliverable.” Ilaria Coppola, Manager

Testimonial about Factors XIa Competitor Messaging