In today’s increasingly competitive biopharma landscape, traditional ‘clinically based’ value propositions no longer cut it.

A much broader armoury of strategic and tactical approaches is needed to build lasting value around new or existing products and portfolios.

How we work with our clients:

Partnership – we work closely with clients as thought and sparring partners to co-create deliverables attuned to client and wider business needs.

Impact – we focus on defining and communicating impactful strategic implications, creating action which drive projects and businesses forward.

Value – we work with our clients to maximise the immediate and long-term value of projects for their internal audiences, working with everyone from brands leads, functions, and senior leaders.

“The report generated excellent discussion. Eradigm’s work gave us the clarity and confidence to make decisions about critical development programs.”

Head of Commercial and Business Development

Creating impact, delivering value

We are deliberately selective about the clients we work with and the projects we take on, engaging where we know we can create impact, deliver real value and improve business outcomes. We think and act faster and are always rigorous, professional and diligent in our approach.

Since our launch in 2016, we have gained the on-going trust of many major clients; from multinational pharmaceutical and medtech companies, to established biotechs, private equity and venture capital firms, who once with us, stay with us. These clients find our rigorous but flexible approach both refreshing and highly effective, but most importantly our work allows them to make business critical decisions with confidence.