Course Rationale and Overview

Having supported life sciences courses and careers services in some of the UK’s most respected universities, we believe that there still remains a big gap in aspiring life sciences consultant’s understanding of what pharma consulting is and what options/approaches exist to enter this space. The course is broadly divided into three key topics designed to provide you with the knowledge required to confidently enter a career in the life sciences, including Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Medtech (Devices and Diagnostics).

This course is an immersive 2-days consulting skills masterclass consisting of taught and interactive workshops. Designed and led by Eradigm’s founding partners Patrick Romano and facilitated by Eradigm Consultants Fergus Kennedy and Javier Vega. The course is organised in the three main topics below:

  • Uncovering and understanding the shifting Pharma Landscape – What are the megatrends affecting this space? Who are the key players and what are their interests? What business models exist and how are these built to create lasting value?
  • Expanding horizons – Unlocking growth – How and where do different consulting firms work with pharma companies to identify and exploit pockets of value? How do consultants partner with clients to drive strategy? What key opportunities/threats are consultant’s tasked with uncovering?
  • Mapping your consulting profile and plotting a route to employment – Based on the opportunities in the marketplace, and your skills and motivations, where should you apply? How can you succeed?
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Learning Objectives

  • To engage in an immersive learning experience with seasoned consultants that have worked inside the industry for decades.
  • To help you more deeply understand and demystify the mechanics of pharma and consulting,
  • To give you significantly more clarity and confidence in planning the first step in your career.
  • The course is ideal for those interested in entering a career in consulting in mid-late 2020.


  • September 2020


  • Executive Training Suite, Fora, 180 Borough High Street, London SE1 1LB

Fees and Registration

  • Pricing will be communicated when the course details become available

The fee includes refreshments and lunch on both days, as well as all training materials.


  • The course is open to final year undergraduates, Masters Students, PhD and MBA students with a demonstrated interest in the life sciences pharma consulting.
  • Applicants with relevant degrees outside of the life sciences are welcome to join.
  • There are 40 places available. There will be some basic selection criteria to ensure all attendees can benefit and can contribute to the interactive part of the masterclass.

Course Content

Strategy in Pharma

  • Healthcare Industry: megatrends impacting the space today and tomorrow
  • The Pharma Company: diverse business models to tap into discrete value verticals
  • Leveraging Opportunities – Mitigating threats: a fly on the wall in pharma’s strategic control room

Consulting Landscape and Skills

  • The Consulting Supply Chain – delivering end to end value
  • Research and Analysis Skills – the fundamentals
  • Delivering with Impact – Mastering High Impact Story lining
  • Architecture of the Consulting Landscape – which firm is best for me?
  • Top Tips to breaking into consulting – CV surgery and competency fundamentals

Immersive Learning

  • In teams, you will create a fictitious consulting company, take a client brief, sell a project and present it
  • You will work on a challenging and intriguing case which will bring to life the day to day reality of working in strategy
  • This is an immersive experience designed and facilitated by the Eradigm team

Apply Now:

  • Please register your interest by submitting your information, an up to date cv and brief statement supporting your application below.
  • We expect a 75% success rate in the applicants.
  • Participants will be able to register through Eventbrite from early November.
  • Shortlisted applications will be sent the booking link when it becomes available.