Aravind Kumar

Aravind joined Eradigm as an Associate Consultant in July 2023.

He holds a BSc in Natural Sciences from the University of Leeds, specialising in Biochemistry. His dissertation involved an extensive literature review to investigate the molecular features of pandemic viruses. Following this, Aravind completed his MSc at UCL in Experimental and Translational Immunology. His MSc research project focused on the role of the B-cell adapter protein (BCAP) on primary immunodeficiencies.

Since completing his studies, Aravind has worked at Inpharmation, a firm that specialises in pharmaceutical pricing and forecasting. During his time there, he engaged in various projects in a number of therapeutic areas, including neurological disorders, bleeding disorders, and oncology.

In his spare time, Aravind enjoys playing sports, specifically golf, tennis, and cricket. He is also a keen chef, and loves experimenting with different cuisines.