Bianka Roka

Bianka holds a First-Class Honours degree in business management from Queen Mary, University of London, where she studied the principles of economics, accounting, and organisational behavior.

A year spent at Cornell University as an exchange student further enriched her academic palette, exposing her to subjects like cognitive science, ethical decision-making in management, and negotiations. Transitioning into the world of data, Bianka pursued her first master’s degree in Data Science with Bioinformatics at the University of Durham. While her coursework covered practical applications of computational methodologies, her independent research focused on critically evaluating the ethical implications of emerging AI-enabled technologies. This technical foundation seamlessly transitioned into her second master’s degree, an MPhil in Translational Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge. Here, she led a computational psychiatry project, employing machine learning models to predict autism spectrum disorders from prenatal data. Alongside this, she developed a deep interest in nutritional psychiatry and the microbiome’s crucial role in health.

Bianka also participated in an external consulting project with an NGO, where she was tasked with identifying key demographic trends and donor behaviours with regards to charitable giving.

Outside of work, she enjoys playing sports, especially tennis and golf. She also likes taking long walks in different London neighbourhoods and often stops for an iced coffee during her strolls.