Isaac Bryan

Isaac joined Eradigm as an Associate Consultant in September 2022, bringing with him a breadth of experience working in pharmaceutical market research. 

In his previous role, Isaac focused on conducting primary and secondary quantitative research, in order to provide actionable insights that would answer clients research needs and objectives. Isaac has experience utilising a wide array of complex research methodologies and working with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies around the world. It was during this time that he developed a real passion for global healthcare.

Isaac holds a Bsc in Psychology from the University of Manchester through which helped him gain extensive knowledge in areas such as behavioural psychology, cognitive neuroscience, quantitative research methodologies, and statistics and data analysis. For his dissertation he carried out his own research study, investigating the effects of loss aversion on visual extrapolation under risk. 

Outside of work, Isaac is a big sports enthusiast with a particular passion for football, going to the gym and skiing. However Isaac is also big into his travel, music and cooking.