Jeanne-Claire Vincent

Claire joined Eradigm in January 2022 as an Associate Consultant, bringing with her extensive experience in biomedical research and a passion for global healthcare.

Claire holds a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, where she discovered an interest in the application of engineering principles to biology and medicine. Claire went on to complete a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London, UK. During her research project, Claire worked with a multidisciplinary team of doctors and engineers to build computational models that simulate and predict the development of congenital heart diseases in fetuses. 

Alongside her MSc degree studies, Claire worked as a Medical Laboratory Assistant in a Covid-19 testing lab in central London, where she learned a lot, having had a front-row seat at the global pandemic’s evolving clinical and research landscape. 

Outside of studies and work, Claire has participated in several medical mission trips to rural and underserved communities in Haiti, Jamaica, India, and Brazil; experiences which have given her the motivation to make an impact on society through the biopharma industry. 

In her spare time, Claire loves to travel, read and watch old movies, and has recently been undertaking courses in fine art, sketching and painting.