Kamaal Lynch-Samms

Kamaal Joins Eradigm as an associate consultant bringing experience in psychiatric disorder treatment research and a desire to improve drug discovery pipelines.

He holds a BSc in Pharmacology from UCL where his passion for the translation of preclinical research to life-changing clinical therapies was initiated. During his degree, he conducted a research project where he screened BK channel activating drugs on the voltage dependence of BK channels using patch-clamp techniques. He was part of a team of pharmacologists and bioscientists investigating these BK channel properties for insights into respiratory diseases and potential treatments.

During his studies, Kamaal worked as a Covid-19 testing assistant in the UCL testing site where he gained a unique first-hand perspective of the impact of the global pandemic.

In between his studies, Kamaal solely produced and released a report on the most novel antidepressant and anxiolytic drugs in phase II clinical trials or later for the mental health charity Overcome, as an intern. This report was a part of the charity’s initiatives focused on providing accessible and free solutions globally for psychiatric disorders. As a business development intern for FlowCell Kamaal got to grips with the needs of end-users in the neuroscience field by liaising with potential clients to build customer profiles.

Outside of work, Kamaal is a keen fitness enthusiast playing American football competitively and being an avid gym-goer. He has a passion for Sci-Fi/fantasy books and films with his current favourite being the Dune book series by Frank Herbert due to its expansive story and philosophical overtones.