Liam Maddison

As Liam joins Eradigm in July 2022 as an Associate Consultant, he brings a wealth of early-stage therapeutic discovery expertise following the completion of his industry-partnered PhD programme. He has a keen interest in the application of disruptive technologies within the healthcare landscape and a desire to work with key stakeholders to revolutionise current treatment paradigms.

Undertaking his PhD research at The University of Leeds, Liam spearheaded an early-stage drug discovery campaign against a prominent epitranscriptomic regulator, with the promise to meet unmet needs in oncology and virology. The project identified a collection of novel hits against the target, culminating in the development of a potent lead compound that will be the subject of further optimisation, laying the groundwork for therapeutic development. Throughout this project, Liam managed a multi-centre collaboration and worked closely with scientists and leadership at his pharmaceutical partner company.

During his PhD studies, Liam nurtured a growing interest in the commercial aspects of the Life Sciences sector, competing in national entrepreneurship competitions and securing freelance consulting work to enhance his skillset. Here, he worked alongside top 20 pharma clients to hone his CI skills, conducting market research and conference monitoring across the cell therapy and HIV landscapes.

Prior to this, Liam completed an integrated master’s degree in Medicinal chemistry at the University of Leeds, where he discovered an interest in the pharmaceutical industry and developed expertise in small molecule drug development.

In his free time, Liam enjoys getting outdoors as much as possible, whether that be backpacking, hiking or trail running. When not out in nature, you will most likely find him anxiously watching Newcastle United, listening to his vinyl record collection, or kicking back with a good book.