Marcus Deans, MBA

Managing Partner & Co-founder

Marcus is respected for taking a no-nonsense approach throughout his 20 years in life sciences. With experience in the trenches of strategic marketing, market access, product launch and competitive strategy, Marcus can see the wood from the trees – which is often half the battle in our increasingly complex stakeholder environment.

When technology is poised to make material differences to the very value proposition that pharmaceutical companies offer, when new themes are emerging from preventative care to consumerisation to digital drug design, only a handful people are able to cut through the hype and establish what is important. Marcus’ brand of thoughtful yet straightforward leadership is what clients and colleagues rely on to see through to the other side – and understand where resources should be invested today.

Marcus was previously Principal at Deallus Consulting, Global Vice President at Voisin Consulting and European Vice President at GfK Bridgehead. In these positions he built multiple expert teams of consultants providing market insights, launch readiness and lifecycle management support for global biopharmaceutical clients. He also played a key role in helping Deallus redefine their company growth strategy after a private equity acquisition.

Prior to that he had a number of global roles in market access, launch strategy, marketing and brand management at companies including Novartis, Eisai and Takeda. In every instance, he was able to harmonise and refocus teams around what really mattered for better performance.

As co-founding partner of Eradigm, Marcus’ simple philosophy, which he ensures is ingrained within the fabric of Eradigm, is ‘consult first, strive for excellence and deliver uncomplicated quality’.

Marcus spends his personal time with his family, generally trying (and failing) to avoid being a taxi-service for his 2 children (football, rugby, piano, swimming etc etc….) and attempts to live his life by 3 simple rules: 1. Make time. 2. Read more and scroll less and 3. If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude

M: +44 (0)7984 610 646
T: +44 (0)203 929 0534