Megan Murdoch

Megan joined Eradigm in August 2023 as an Associate Consultant, bringing an interest in transformative technologies for improving healthcare and research experience ranging from regenerative medicine to digital health technologies.

Megan has a BSc in Biological Sciences (Biotechnology) from the University of Edinburgh, where she studied medical, agricultural, molecular, and industrial biotechnology. Her dissertation focused on the development of hydrogels for tissue engineering. Megan then studied for an MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise at the University of Cambridge. This multidisciplinary biotech and business course focused on teaching strategy, healthcare economics, venture financing and valuations, intellectual property, and trends in biotechnology. It included an external consulting project with an AI drug discovery start-up, where Megan was tasked with identifying the current trends in small-molecule combination therapy deals. Megan also worked with a digital health start-up for her final dissertation. Her dissertation investigated ADHD Care in the Digital age, identifying the market and demand for children’s digital health technologies. This research aimed to advise the start-up on key risks and interest areas in digital ADHD Care. Megan looks forward to expanding her knowledge of entrepreneurship and the regulatory process for novel technologies.

In her free time, Megan enjoys running, going to the gym, visiting museums and galleries, and spending time with friends. She also enjoys trying new coffee shops and pastries.