Nadeen Solaiman

Nadeen joined Eradigm in April 2022 as an Associate Consultant, bringing to the team her extensive experience in genetic engineering and cancer research, and everlasting passion for the Life Sciences industry.

Nadeen holds a PhD in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry from the University of Westminster, where her work focused on the molecular characterisation a novel cancer driver gene in replication stress-induced genomic instability using CRISPR/Cas-based human cellular models, in collaboration with the Francis Crick Institute and the University of Zurich. During the pursuit of her doctorate, Nadeen was awarded research grants to support the clinical translation of genetically-engineered human cellular models to commercial products, in collaboration with renowned Life Science industries. Nadeen was also heavily involved in the co-design and mentorship of IBMS-accredited CRISPR/Cas-based workshops where she was consulted for her technical expertise on the use and applications of the cutting-edge technology.

Alongside her PhD studies, Nadeen acquired a professional development qualification in learning and teaching within the Higher Education Academy, U.K., and held a Visiting Lectureship position in Life Sciences at the University of Westminster for over three years. She also has experience in working as a Molecular Biologist at Health Services Laboratories (HSL) where she acquired extensive knowledge on the evolving clinical diagnostic landscape.

Outside of work, Nadeen is a curious soul who enjoys meeting new people and visiting new places. In her spare time, Nadeen enjoys salsa dancing as well as fitness through the practice of kickboxing, running and Pilates. She also enjoys reading on Science-related subjects and self-development, and whenever she gets the opportunity, she loves to travel and explore new cultures.