Paula Wegbrans Giro

Paula joined Eradigm in May 2022 as an Associate Consultant. With a keen interest in personalised medicine and novel therapies, Paula brings her experience in biomedical research to the team.

Paula holds an MSc in Engineering for Biomedicine from Imperial College London, where she researched new materials approaches for the detection and treatment of cancer. Prior to that, Paula completed her BSc in Human Biology from Pompeu Fabra University in Spain, where she took a multidisciplinary approach to learn about biomedical sciences and did her bachelor’s thesis on secretion pathways altered by colon cancer. During her BSc, Paula did an exchange programme at the Amsterdam University College in The Netherlands where she took global healthcare courses and developed her language skills.

Alongside her education, Paula spent time doing internships at the University of California San Diego, in the US, and at Sant Pau Hospital, in Spain, where she explored clinical and genetic approaches to diseases of the airways. These experiences in different cultures grew her ambition to use her life sciences knowledge for application approaches in an industry environment and led Paula to work on innovation strategies in between her studies.

Paula also believes in bringing scientific knowledge and education closer to those outside the science and medical communities and has worked and volunteered in Medical Information and Tutoring projects to increase accessibility in these areas.

Outside of work, Paula enjoys travelling, cooking, and music. She has a keen interest in combining these three hobbies and finding new ways of sharing them with other people.