Shreya Murali

Shreya joined Eradigm in April 2021 as an associate consultant. With a keen interest in novel therapeutic strategies, Shreya brings her experience in biomedical research and knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry to the team.

Shreya achieved her Master’s in Novel Therapies- Genes, Drugs and Stem Cells at Imperial College London where she took a multidisciplinary approach to understanding gene therapies, regenerative medicine, and the drug development process. For her master’s thesis, she worked on the optimization of synthetic mRNA for therapeutic use in airway epithelial cells. Prior to this, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Genetics from the University of Sussex where she carried out research investigating the relationship between the structure and stability of DNA replication checkpoint proteins.

Alongside her academics, Shreya worked on an investment management start-up specializing in digital assets. This venture stimulated her ambition to apply her experience in life sciences in a more strategic business environment. She is also a huge believer in increasing the accessibility of education and has spent a year as a volunteer teacher, tutoring underprivileged kids in shelter homes in mathematics and science.

In her free time, Shreya enjoys exploring new restaurants, going to the cinema, and hiking. She summited Mt Kilimanjaro in 2018 to fundraise for clean water and sanitation and aims to summit Mt Everest by 2026.