We helped our client, a world-leading biopharmaceutical company, establish a differentiated presence in cell and gene therapy.

Allogeneic cell therapy corporate strategy

The Question:

“How do we build a world-leading business in allogeneic cell therapy for solid tumours from scratch?”

The client wanted to create a world-leading cell and gene therapy unit, with strong research and commercialisation capabilities, to lead the next generation of cancer treatments. Eradigm developed an ambitious strategy to leap-frog current technologies with allogeneic approaches.

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Our Answer:

Eradigm partnered with the VP of Strategy and other senior business leaders across multiple cross-functional workstreams. We also worked closely with their early-stage biotech partnerships in the US and Europe. This collaborative approach enabled us to develop an integrated cross-functional strategic playbook.

Speaking to experts across the industry, we identified short, mid, and long-term opportunities and threats to the client’s business model. We extensively mapped the landscape of allogeneic therapeutics and supporting technologies, including gene editing platforms and manufacturing, and explored diverse cell types and platforms across the US, EU, and APAC markets. This enabled us to identify promising potential partners across these key markets.

We developed a strategic build-up plan to establish a fully-fledged business unit, including R&D, manufacturing, and commercial. This provided a strong foundation for our implementation. By helping our client think cross-functionally and focus on long term impact, we were able to facilitate critical dialogue on a global corporate strategy.

The Impact:

The project helped an established pharma company break new ground and become a world-leading presence in cell and gene therapy. It led to multi-billion-dollar investments in partnerships, R&D platforms, and manufacturing capabilities across the following five-year period. By embedding ourselves within the team, and working collaboratively and cross-functionally, we were able to meet the client’s changing strategic needs in real-time. Our external insights and points of difference helped build a robust strategy that delivered successful and sustainable outcomes. This project built on Eradigm’s specialist knowledge in cell and gene therapy, marrying granular detail with bigger-picture strategic analysis.

Ilaria Coppola

Equipping an established pharma to enter cell and gene therapy requires a deep understanding of the space, but also awareness of the dynamics within the company. It was an immense privilege to contribute to such a pivotal effort in this company’s centuries-old history.

Ilaria Coppola

Senior Associate Consultant