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Oncology & Haematology:

Arguably one of the most discussed fields in our industry, Oncology & Hematology are certainly not short of surprises. The past few years have seen a surge in companies offering solutions from entrenched pharma to budding biotechs, an increase in the amount and type of drug targets we pursue and an industry-wide shift focusing on proving a complete treatment experience along the patient journey. With this in mind, we have been witnessing Oncology players seeking ways to diversify their portfolio through new MOAs (e.g. enhanced I-Os, TIGIT, LAG3, pan-tumour drugs), investing in platform technologies to unlock future opportunities (e.g. CGT, Cancer Vaccines, TILs) and pushing the boundaries of current treatment paradigms to continue pursuing growth (e.g. earlier lines, combinations, adjuvant disease, reformulations). This dynamic setting is further complemented by changes in Oncology access (e.g. endpoint receptiveness, geographical differences, reimbursement models) and the way in which care is delivered to patients, including personalised medicine (e.g. companion diagnostics, treatment response) and beyond-the-pill tools and services (e.g. data collection, support services).

In the current competitive landscape, defining a differentiating strategy and positioning for success in Oncology, requires a comprehensive understanding of the environment and a well-rounded approach to bridging clinical, commercial and industry considerations.

At Eradigm, our specialised team combines deep clinical expertise with indication-specific knowledge and expanded commercial awareness, supporting our industry partners to understand how this area is evolving and how to continue bringing value to patients, with capabilities including:

  • Clinical & Commercial Opportunity Assessment: across modalities, settings and markets focusing on optimising clinical trial design and operations, stakeholder mapping, strategic messaging and positioning, and navigating market access (incl. HTA assessments and P&R)
  • Asset Development & Lifecycle Management: to optimise clinical and commercial positioning of novel or established assets (early to launch) and lifecycle management (incl. biosimilars)
  • Strategic Positioning & Development: to bolster pipeline and portfolio planning, business development (investment & partnerships) and corporate strategy initiatives (e.g. clinical trial acceleration, external innovation models)
  • Technology & Service Innovation Mapping: to explore novel opportunities to add value to our partners’ offering, enable access to therapy and improve outcomes (incl. diagnostics, medical devices, monitoring tools, patient services)

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Circle Lead Bio: Antoine Coume

I am Antoine Coume, Consultant and Oncology & Hematology Lead at Eradigm. Over the past 3 years, I have been combining my deep scientific background and expertise in Oncology with pharma commercial, competitive and broader industry considerations to help our clients create robust strategies and tactics. My experience spans the pharma value chain from early innovation mapping, drug discovery and clinical trial optimization solutions to peri-launch planning, market access and lifecycle management tactics either at the asset, franchise or portfolio level. Following insights from international conferences and symposia, leveraging our extensive Oncology Network of Experts and combining cross-TA exposure allows me to maintain my finger on the pulse in Oncology and bring a fresh perspective and tailored recommendations to each client.