Global CAR T Market Access Monitoring

On this long-term project with a leading Biopharma company, we helped our client evolve their global access strategy for CAR T assets in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL).

The Question:

“What are our competitors’ global access strategies for CAR T and how can we improve on them?”

The client was preparing to launch their CAR T assets in NHL across multiple commercial and regulatory environments, including the US, Europe, and Japan. The aim was to successfully launch their first wave of CAR T assets at optimal price points across markets in sequence. This was to ensure a strong positioning and differentiation, and to maximise adoptions and uptake relative to the competition. To achieve this objective, they required strategic support from Eradigm to conduct ongoing competitor monitoring, collaborative partnership building, and effective positioning.

Our Answer:

Eradigm monitored and evaluated competitor CAR T pricing and reimbursement activities across more than 15 markets, including the US, EU5 and Japan. We developed a rich understanding of each market to contextualise competitor developments and propose novel strategies. Having worked with the client for several years prior to launch, our established partnership enabled them to adapt their strategy in real-time.

We were able to identify non-traditional ways to differentiate from competitors in a crowded space with limited clinical differentiation. This involved leveraging emerging means of non-clinical differentiation and superiority over competitor CAR Ts, including value-based contracting, service model, and supply chain. Effective collaboration was essential to this project. We orchestrated productive collaborations with a range of affiliates optimise their CAR T access strategies locally, as well as with the global team to develop an integrated international strategy.

The Impact:

The client delivered a successful global launch integrated with local market tailoring. In turn, we developed extensive insight into the challenges, threats, and opportunities within CAR T cell therapy at a global and market-specific level. This has given us both a historically grounded and up-to-date understanding of CAR T Market Access, and the emerging dynamics that will drive the success of high-cost cell and gene therapies over the coming decade.

Fergus Kennedy

“The key to this project was partnership. We worked close to 15 affiliate teams the world to inform and optimise their CAR T access strategies locally, and also with the Global team to develop integrated international strategy.”

Fergus Kennedy

Senior Consultant