Our research and analysis helped our client, a prominent Biopharma company, build holistic and novels strategies to enhance and expedite R&D in immuno-oncology.

Accelerating immunotherapy development

The Question:

“How can we develop and commercialise immunotherapies faster than our competitors?”

The client wanted to learn how their competitors accelerated the development of their immunotherapies. Using Merck & Co’s development of Keytruda as a case study, they required a holistic overview of the development lifecycle. This ranged from clinical program design and enabling technologies to decision-making and governance structures. The aim was to inspire, and ultimately implement, a more innovative and competitive approach to the development of their medicines.

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Our Answer:

Eradigm undertook benchmarking research and analysis on four high-profile products to identify transferable strategies. These products, including Keytruda by Merck & Co, were selected based on their rapid regulatory approval timelines. As this was new territory, it required an intelligent co-creation of the scope, methodology, and outputs specific to client needs. This enabled us to construct the big picture and understand the competitive intelligence capabilities required to uncover non-traditional insights. Eradigm’s detailed assessments and extensive learnings spearheaded discussions towards a more modern, effective, and efficient approach to the development of new medicines.

The Impact:

Whilst many companies look for ‘quick fixes’ to expedite clinical development, such as new technologies, the real game-changers are risk appetite and the decision-making structures of leadership. We discovered that the developers of the very fastest medicines to market were willing to reinvent traditional timelines and processes of clinical development, condensing or even eliminating them where necessary. We continue to work with this client across diverse TAs to build brand, above-brand, and corporate level strategies, leveraging holistic approaches informed by competitor insight.

Patrick Romano

With insights spanning from culture to manufacturing tactics, this project showed our client what a more aggressive and forward-thinking organisation could look like.

Patrick Romano

Co-founder and Partner