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Neuroscience & Immunology:

Neuroscience and Immunology represent two opposite ends of the pharma lifecycle spectrum, where these markets are respectively traditionally high failure in early clinical development or congested during lifecycle management. However, both have unique budding trends to create or extend value of assets across these highly prevalent chronic illnesses.

Immunology has a low barrier to entry, within a crowded space which accentuates the need for non-clinical differentiation. Here we see players employing robust patient services platforms to motivate adoption, the embedding of digital to ease healthcare burden and implementation of value-based contracting to promote greater ‘patient-centric’ access. Neuroscience on the other hand is historically abandoned, which has driven the refocus on deep science to successfully bring first-in-disease drugs to market. To overcome these neuroscience challenges, pharma is investigating novel mechanisms of action, and coupling this with innovative biomarkers or trial end points to substantiate effectiveness as encouraged by regulators.

These contrasting dynamics are actually a major source of learnings and best-practices for peers to leverage across their portfolios and drive investment.

Eradigm’s expert team has deep expertise in key indications of focus currently in development and on market, including Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as major competitive grounds such as Ulcerative Colitis and Psoriasis. Our work has spanned a diverse array of topics, of which some highlights include: :

  • Patient Services Execution: Operational insights and region-specific regulatory nuances of best-in-class PSPs used to differentiate UC, RA, PsO assets. The comparison of approaches utilized by peers advised the prioritisation of investment opportunities to maximise the value gained through service provision.
  • Pre-launch strategy monitoring in MS and Alzheimer’s: Where peer launch tactics benchmarking informed the development of attack and defend against new competing assets or tailored launch positioning strategies to boost share of voice.
  • Competitive Positioning: Considering continued landscape evolution, ensuring an updated understanding of the space through cross-functional competitive wargames ensures alignment on key opportunities & threats to client’s asset which aid ideation of implementable tactics to counter competitor moves.

Case Studies


Circle Lead Bio: Laura Haden-Smith

Laura Haden-Smith, one of our Senior Associate Consultants, takes the reins as our Neuroscience & Immunology point of call. Over her time at Eradigm, she has led CI monitoring projects across neuroscience and immunology (in particular MS, Alzheimer’s, PsO, PsA & axSpA), complementing these CI findings with timely conference coverage (EAN, AAN, AAIC, CTAD) and facilitated competitor workshops to drive opportunistic & planned action strategies. Laura has a firm grasp on the comings & goings of these two distinctly different yet mutually thriving spaces.