Who we work with?

Our work shapes and influences decisions made throughout the development and commercialisation process, and leverages our broad spectrum of research, analysis and facilitation capabilities.

We work closely with the following pharmaceutical company functions:

  • Competitive, Commercial and Business Intelligence
  • Market Access
  • Analytics & Insights Groups
  • Market Research
  • Brand Teams
  • Portfolio and Corporate Strategy Leads
  • Business Development & Partnering
  • Clinical Development

We create value at every layer of pharma, from brands to the boardroom. See for yourself:

Product Strategy

Development & Positioning Strategy

How do we identify, demonstrate, and realise sustainable sources of product value?

Launch, Value & Access Strategy

What do we need to do to ensure access and competitive excellence across launch markets?

Lifecycle Management & Legacy Strategy

How do we maximise later-life value of this product for patients and shareholders alike?

Therapy Area Strategy

Portfolio & Pipeline Strategy

How do we capture franchise-level opportunities and mitigate threats?

Operational & Organisational Strategy

How do we operate effectively to maximise competitiveness, access and innovation?

Franchise Positioning & Communication Strategy

How do we ensure competitive positioning at the franchise-level?

Corporate Strategy

Cross-Portfolio Strategy

Investment & Partnering Strategy

What do we need to do to identify, capture and nurture sources of innovation?

Future Centres of Value

How can we align our vision and business model with evolving sources of value?